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Answering Your Questions About Traffic Laws

Traffic violations may seem commonplace, but a traffic violation charge can mean serious fines, suspended licenses, insurance rate hikes and even jail time. At William G. Causey Jr., we review your case in-depth and fight fiercely for your rights. Below are a series of questions our clients often ask. For personal advice that takes your specific needs into account, schedule a free consultation.

With over 30 years of experience and statewide accolades, attorney William G. Causey Jr. is a defense attorney you can trust. At our office, your rights are our priority. William G. Causey Jr. is a long-standing legal resource for Greensboro and the surrounding area. Contact us for traffic violation defense at 336-471-0819.

Can I Contest A Traffic Violation?

Yes. A traffic violation can be challenged for many reasons, including errors in the charge, lack of evidence or extenuating circumstances. Upon review of your case, we can help identify your grounds for a defense.

What Is The Difference Between A Moving And A Nonmoving Violation?

A moving violation occurs when you are operating your vehicle on the road. For instance, moving violations include speeding, drunk driving, driving with a suspended license or running a red light. Nonmoving violations occur when a vehicle is not in motion and are often more technical. Examples include expired license plates, failing to notify DMV of an address change, parking in a fire lane or repeatedly failing to pay parking tickets.

What Can I Do If The State Takes My License?

There are ways to appeal suspension or revocation of your license. In many cases, our firm combats license suspension through direct defense of any criminal allegations. In cases where suspension is part of your sentence, we can assist you in acquiring a driving privilege or on other legal grounds.

What Happens If There Is A Incorrect Charge On My Ticket?

If your ticket lists the incorrect charge(s), we may be able to get your case dismissed by the court. If you feel this is the case, please let us know immediately.