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Involved in a T-bone accident? You could make a claim

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Personal injury

You were heading home from the university and going to see friends when you saw an unusual glint to the right. You had barely enough time to look over and see another car barreling at you before you were struck in the middle of an intersection while waiting to turn during a green light. The other driver simply didn’t stop, even though they had a red light in their direction.

A T-bone accident like yours can have some devastating consequences. In these accidents, one vehicle broadsides another. Side-impact collisions like this have the potential to do real harm because there are few protections for drivers and passengers hit from that angle.

While some vehicles do have side-impact air bags, they aren’t extremely common. That means that the person who is on the same side of the vehicle as the impact may be hit almost directly and have nothing that protects them against hitting their head or being thrown sideways. That can lead to devastating injuries or death as a result of the force of the impact.

Even those who are on the opposite side of the vehicle can be badly injured. There is a potential to hit your head on the side window and wheel. There is also the risk of whiplash and other significant injuries from being jolted inside the vehicle.

After a crash like this, it’s vital to determine who is at fault. The at-fault driver should be held responsible for your medical care and financial losses. The hope is always that they will have insurance to cover your claim, but if they don’t, you can also go after them for compensation directly, which is something to keep in mind as you consider your legal options.