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Don’t risk breaking the law by taking someone else’s prescription

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Drug charges

When you have a severe headache or pain, you might start looking for strong painkillers to find some relief. If you have a friend or colleague who has drugs like Vicodin or hydrocodone, you may think you’re in luck, since those are higher-grade painkillers that require a prescription.

Keep in mind that even taking one of these pills is against the law. Using someone else’s prescription is illegal and dangerous, which is why it’s ill-advised.

Why can’t you take someone else’s prescription medication if it’s offered freely?

Even though you’re not buying the other person’s prescription, there are still a few reasons why you can’t take them. The first is that it is dangerous. A medication at 15 mg for another person might be too strong for you if you need 10 mg, for example. You could be taking other medications that would interact with the drug you were offered, too. There is also a chance that you could have a serious reaction to the medication if you’ve never taken it before.

The next reason you shouldn’t take someone else’s prescription is because it’s illegal. That drug is only legal for the other person to take because they have a prescription. Without it, the drug itself is not legal in your possession. This may not apply to over-the-counter medications available by prescription.

Finally, if you take those drugs and have side effects that you weren’t prepared for, then you could end up crashing your vehicle, falling asleep on the job or making mistakes that cause an accident at home or elsewhere. Those risks just aren’t worth it.

Instead, the better option is to go to your local urgent care or to call your primary care provider. Sometimes, a telehealth appointment will work, too. Let the medical provider caring for you decide which medication is right for your pain, and you’ll be able to pick it up locally at your pharmacy. This will prevent you from violating the law, and it will also help you beat whatever pain you may have with a prescription that is specifically tailored to your body’s weight and your needs.