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Recovery court could help you avoid a criminal record

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Drug charges

Thousands of adults in North Carolina struggle with substance abuse. Some of them simply have bad habits, while others clearly have an addiction or chemical dependence. What sets addiction apart from other drug use is the compulsive behavior involved and the physical dependence on the substance. Stopping use suddenly could mean severe pain or even death in some cases.

Unfortunately for those dealing with addiction, the approach to such problems in modern society is to criminalize the issue. Those who get arrested for being in possession of prohibited drugs, illegally buying prescription medication or other non-violent drug offenses face life-altering consequences.

Even if a guilty plea helps them avoid prison, their criminal record will inevitably affect the rest of their life. Drug charges often keep those with addiction issues from fixing their lives. If you find yourself facing drug charges, recovery court might be an option.

The adult drug courts are one of the recovery courts

North Carolina has multiple different recovery courts. These special judicial programs focus on rehabilitation rather than just punishment. The adult drug treatment courts are a perfect example.

With plenty of oversight and an emphasis on treatment, the adult drug treatment courts help someone accused of an addiction-related offense get their life back on track. After completing treatments and all the requirements of the court, that individual could potentially move forward without a conviction forever limiting their opportunities in life.

If you face drug charges in North Carolina, learning more about the recovery courts can help you plan your defense.