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2 reasons why you may want to expunge your criminal record

| Sep 28, 2021 | Criminal law

Many people accused of criminal offenses decide to plead guilty. A guilty plea means you don’t have to go through the stress of a trial. However, it will mean that you have a criminal record. 

One mistake from your past could potentially haunt you for the rest of your life, even if that mistake was that you plead guilty to an offense you knew that you did not commit. 

Expunging your record is one of the only ways to keep a past criminal issue from limiting your future opportunities in life. When do people often realize that they should pursue an expungement?

When they don’t get a job

Extensive criminal background checks are the new normal. Employers that just pay minimum wage might even check your criminal history before offering you a new position. Many people ignore how damaging a criminal conviction could be until they lose out on a job opportunity because they fail a background check. 

For some people, it will be a licensing issue related to their job. A criminal record could prevent you from securing a professional license or renewing it after you have already invested years of your life in professional development.

When they want to go back to school

Although criminal records elements don’t have as strong of an impact on your qualification for federal student aid as they once did, it can still prevent you from securing enrollment to the best schools. Your prior offense might also make it harder for you to connect with private student aid like scholarships.  

Recognizing how a criminal record holds you back from future opportunities could motivate you to address that old mistake. Pursuing an expungement could help you move on with your life and open the door to new opportunities.