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Drug treatment court helps addicted people in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Drug charges

There’s a strong relationship between crime and addiction. After all, buying a prohibited drug, having it in your possession or encountering the police while under the influence of a prohibited substance could all leave criminal charges. The prohibition of drugs isn’t the only reason there’s a strong connection between substance abuse and crime.

Some people struggling with addiction may make bad decisions while under the influence, leading to their arrest. Still others may turn to criminal activity like theft to help feed their addiction because they can no longer afford their next fix.

Enduring an arrest and facing criminal charges can sometimes be the exact wake-up call that a person needs to overcome their addiction. If you recognize that chemical dependence has led to your criminal issues, the North Carolina adult drug treatment courts might be able to help you.

Overcoming addiction can prevent future criminal issues

If the person accused and the charges involved meet certain criteria, criminal defendants in North Carolina may be able to ask for adjudication in the adult drug treatment courts instead of going through a traditional criminal trial.

The goal of sending someone to drug treatment court is to address their addiction, connect them with treatment and hopefully prevent future criminal activity. Drug treatment court plans often involve a combination of therapy or rehabilitation services with judicial oversight, much like probation. Inpatient treatment at a facility is often necessary.

By addressing the addiction and its underlying causes, the defendant going through adult drug treatment court may be able to overcome their chemical dependence. The successful completion of drug court proceedings won’t just set someone up for future success but will also potentially help them avoid a lifelong criminal record for their most recent charges.

Drug charges can ruin your life if you don’t ask for help

Pleading guilty to a drug charge just to avoid court or jail isn’t the right solution. After all, a criminal record involving the drug offense might affect your future job prospects or even your chances at pursuing higher education.

If you feel worried about the possible impact of pending drug charges, exploring whether the treatment courts are an option could reduce the long-term consequences of your recent arrest.