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3 mistakes you need to avoid when charged with a sex crime 

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Criminal law

Being accused of a sex crime can be extremely frightening. A conviction can lead to years in jail, a ruined reputation as well as inclusion on the sex offender register. Therefore, it goes without saying that facing a sex crime is a very, very big deal. 

Keeping your wits up can be a huge struggle when facing a sex offense charge. As such, it is important that you do everything in your power to remain calm and focused while dealing with the issue. 

Here are three mistakes you need to steer clear of when charged with a sex offense.

Contacting the alleged victim

When someone accuses you of a sex crime like rape, you might be tempted to reach out to them with the goal of discussing and, perhaps, clearing up the misunderstanding. However, this can be a huge mistake. The prosecution might treat this as evidence that you are trying to defeat justice, and this will complicate matters for you. 

Discussing the matter on social media

Chances are good you have a social media profile. As soon as you learn that you are under investigation for a sex offense, even if you have not been formally charged, do not discuss the matter online. 

Remember, what you say (offline and/or online) can be used against you during the trial. An innocent account of your side of the story online can be accessed by the prosecution and used against you. 

Trying to flee to avoid prosecution

If you are under investigation, do not attempt to flee. This is not the time to travel out of town or go on a business trip or a vacation. In short, do not do anything that gives the impression that you are fleeing. 

If you are accused of a sex offense, you may as well be facing one of the most difficult days in your life. Knowing your rights and obligations during those difficult days can help you avoid costly mistakes that can jeopardize your defense.