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A drunken friend could land you in legal trouble

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | DWI

Many of us have a friend who cannot hold their liquor. Even if this isn’t the case, the majority of us have been put in uncomfortable situations with a drunken individual on a night out.

Often, these scenarios are trivial and easily resolved. The staff in nightclubs and bars are trained and paid to deal with such situations.

But what if the staff don’t step in? How can you deal with a drunken individual in a way that is going to keep you out of trouble?

A non-agressive posture

People react differently to alcohol. Some individuals become more giggly and eager to dance. Unfortunately, others can take on a more aggressive posture. When dealing with a person in this state, it’s important not to mirror their posture as they could see this as a threat. Be assertive but not aggressive. Try to let them know that you are on their side and you have their best interests at heart. Whatever you do it’s important to remain calm. While dealing with an inebriated person can be frustrating, you mustn’t express this outwardly. The consequences of doing so could be that you end up in a fight, which may ultimately lead to criminal charges for both you and the intoxicated person.

Find help

It’s much easier for a group to handle an intoxicated person. If you have sober friends around you, make sure they help you out. The individual may react badly to you, and at this point, your friend can step in. It may become a “good cop, bad cop” scenario, but what matters is that everyone remains safe and stays out of trouble.

If a night on the town has ended up with you facing criminal charges, then it’s vital to come up with a defense strategy. Seeking some legal guidance is the best way to do this.