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3 choices that can increase someone’s chances of a DWI charge

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | DWI

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges can cost someone their license and damage their reputation. Judges can also sentence someone to jail time and compel them to pay large fines after a DWI conviction. Some people go to great lengths to avoid DWI charges, such as purchasing their own pocket breath test devices, but they could still get arrested if a law enforcement officer believes that they are impaired.

Even people who are proactive in their attempts to avoid impaired driving could occasionally make choices that increase their risk of committing a major traffic violation. What personal choices will increase the possibility of someone getting arrested for a DWI charge?

1. Drinking on an empty stomach

People generally know their own limits and recognize that they can only enjoy two drinks at a party without going over the legal limit, for example. However, even when someone knows their limits, there can be factors that affect how well they tolerate alcohol.

Having eaten recently is crucial to the efficient metabolization of alcohol. Those who skip lunch and then stop off at happy hour will likely experience more noticeable impairment than someone who has the same drink after a healthy lunch.

2. Drinking the same amount but faster

Perhaps someone’s personal alcohol safety rules include the very practical standard of only ever having a single beverage. However, even one strong drink could prove too much if someone drinks quickly and then leaves before their body has a chance to break down that alcohol.

The timing of when someone drinks and when they leave after consuming a beverage will have a big impact on whether or not the alcohol puts them at risk of an arrest.

3. Trying a new bar or drink

Every bartender is a little bit different in how they do their job, even if they follow the exact same recipe. Additionally, drinks aren’t necessarily identical in how they affect someone. If an adult usually enjoys a beer after work and they upgrade to a cocktail one day, that one drink could be much stronger than the one drink they usually enjoy, thereby increasing their risk of a DWI arrest.

Making smart choices regarding alcohol consumption can help people avoid DWI charges and plan a strategy to fight back after an arrest with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.