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3 times when police officers are on high alert for drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Drunk driving

Police officers in North Carolina are typically always ready to pull over a driver who shows signs of impairment at the wheel. They will also often ask for chemical tests from those involved in a recent collision.

However, there are certain times when people will probably face more scrutiny from law enforcement officers whom they encounter because of increased enforcement efforts targeting drunk driving. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges tend to lead to license penalties, jail time and large fines, so motorists want to abide by the laws to avoid those penalties. There are certain times when police officers particularly prioritize impairment enforcement. These are a few times when drunk drivers are a higher priority for North Carolina police officers.

Around major holidays

When looking at statistics about when drunk driving crashes are most likely to occur, a clear pattern emerges. Drunk driving wrecks time to occur more frequently around major federal holidays. The actual holidays, the day and immediately before them and the weekend before and after each holiday will often see an uptick in drunk driving crashes and therefore more enforcement efforts.

Throughout the summer months

Another noticeable trend related to drunk driving crashes is that fatal crashes are more prevalent during the summer months than during any other season of the year. The summer sees roughly 28% of the annual drunk driving fatalities, and every other season sees somewhat fewer deadly crashes related to alcohol impairment. With more people out socializing and traveling for vacation, as well as young adults being out of school, police officers will look more carefully for signs of intoxication on the road.

In the late evening and early morning hours

Many people who cause drunk driving crashes do so when heading home after drinking at an establishment or entertainment venue. Therefore, police officers frequently watch more carefully for drunk drivers once the sun that’s, often at least until the bars close in the early morning.

Motorists who are aware of when enforcement efforts may be more intensive can make smarter choices about when they drink and when they have someone else drive them home. Avoiding mistakes that can lead to DUI charges could help someone to avoid causing a wreck and avoid criminal penalties.