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Don’t let others encourage you to speed

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Criminal law

There may be a connection between risky driving behaviors, including speeding and peer influence. However, even if every driver is doing it, speeding is unlawful, and you can receive a traffic ticket and face its consequences.

Here is what to do when drivers around you are speeding

Maintain a safe and legal speed

Of course, it can be tempting to increase your speed to match those around you, but you should avoid it. You need to maintain your speed. Do not focus on the other drivers. Instead, pay attention to the road and understand if you are caught you will individually face consequences.

Let them pass

If drivers behind you are speeding, you should let them pass. Trying to stay ahead will force you to speed to maintain your position, which is dangerous since it may turn into racing unknowingly and can earn you a ticket. 

When the drivers get close to you, allow them to safely pass. With their speed, they may get far within a short time, and you can return to driving without distractions.

Be on the lookout

You should pay attention to the road at all times, but you may need to be more careful when driving around speeding drivers. They may make a mistake that can result in a crash. Thus, while you should not fully focus on them, you should be on the lookout to avoid an accident, if you can.

If a driver(s) around you is speeding, you should not match their speed. Several drivers speeding does not make it legal. However, if you find yourself increasing the speed and the police catch you, it will help to get legal guidance to defend any traffic tickets.