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5 things you should avoid doing if caught speeding in Greensboro

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Criminal law

If the police pull you over when you are speeding, you cannot be sure they are doing so to give you a speeding ticket; they may have stopped you for another reason, or they may intend to give you a friendly warning. How you handle being pulled over can affect the outcome.

Here are some things you should avoid if the police pull you over in Greensboro, and you may have been over the speed limit:

  1. Do not speed up or pull away: Yes, your car may go faster than the police car, but racing off is not a good idea. It gives them a reason to suspect you are hiding something and gives them even more reason to catch you.


  1. Do not admit guilt: Never admit to anything, even if you know you were speeding. The police may not have any evidence you were speeding. If you tell the officer you were speeding, you are gifting them evidence.


  1. Do not reach for something suddenly: Trying to explain you were only reaching for your wallet after a nervous police officer has shot you, is certainly not where you want to wind up. You do not know their history. Perhaps they had a colleague shot by a driver who pulled a gun from the glovebox. If you want to reach for something, ask them first.


  1. Do not offer a bribe: Offering free tickets to the game, or a free meal at your restaurant is attempted bribery. Trying to bribe a police officer is a serious offense.


  1. Do not tell them you have friends in high places: Suggesting you are above the law is a surefire way to land yourself in even deeper trouble.


As worrying as a speeding offense can be, sometimes an attorney can find a way to overturn it. By following the advice above, you can make sure it is only a speeding charge they have to defend you against.