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Discuss Your Speeding Ticket Before Simply Paying It

On first thought, a speeding ticket may not seem like a serious matter. But getting a speeding ticket — especially if you have prior speeding tickets on your record — can be a big deal.

It is worth your time to explore the option of fighting your traffic violation. At the Law Office of William G. Causey Jr., we can protect your rights and help you determine how to proceed.

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Why Should I Fight A Speeding Ticket?

As far as traffic offenses go, a speeding ticket may seem like one of the least serious traffic violations. But there are good reasons why you should fight a speeding ticket.

First, the more traffic tickets you get, the worse the cumulative effect can be. If you get too many tickets over time, you may face the loss of your license. Also, more traffic tickets means higher auto insurance rates. This, in addition to the fines you face for the offense at hand, means that the true cost of a speeding ticket is probably much more than you anticipated.

Additionally, you may not be guilty of speeding. Police data may have been incorrect. The speed limit may have been unclear. Evidence may have been gathered illegally. Talk to a lawyer to discuss the legalities of your traffic stop and ticket.

How Can An Attorney Help?

Whether this is your first speeding ticket or your 10th, Law Office of William G. Causey Jr. can help you seek the best possible resolution to your case. By fighting your speeding ticket, we may be able to get it dismissed, allowing you to avoid all of the negative consequences associated with the charge. That means you would avoid fines, increased insurance rates and license suspension.

By paying your speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty to the offense. Before you plead guilty, talk to criminal defense attorney William G. Causey Jr. You deserve to know about your rights, and you deserve to have them protected.

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