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When Family Arguments Become Criminal Matters, Labeled Domestic Violence

Nearly everyone has been involved in a strong disagreement at some point in life with a family member, housemate or neighbor. Normally, such situations are resolved within the family or between neighbors or housemates.

Sometimes, however, emotions get out of control and may lead to physical altercations or perceived threats. Assault and battery under these circumstances may be legally classified as domestic violence.

How It Often Begins

In a domestic violence case, one spouse, domestic partner, sibling or roommate may call the police in a moment of fear or in an attempt to get the other person to stop fighting.

Once the police have been called, the domestic situation is no longer a private matter. It becomes a concern of law enforcement and courts from then on. It is not uncommon for police to arrive, only to be told by the caller that she or he wants to cancel the call for help.

How It Often Gets Worse

But it is usually too late. The police typically want to arrest someone once they have been called into a domestic dispute. Furthermore, after an arrest is made and the matter proceeds to the court, prosecutors often add other criminal charges, such as vandalism or battery.

What was a family matter is now a legal problem that continues to get larger, with much greater consequences at stake.

What If The Accuser Takes Back The Accusations?

For your future’s sake, it is vitally important to work with an experienced domestic violence lawyer beginning as soon as possible after accusations or an arrest. Were you wrongfully accused or does the accuser now say it was not serious after all? Even if your spouse or the police say the matter is over with, do not rest easy. No matter what has happened since you were accused, call an attorney to get a strong defender on your side.

If you have been taken to jail or if your spouse has obtained a restraining order keeping you away from your home and children, turn to an effective defense lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights.

Get Experience On Your Side; You Deserve A Strong Defense

When you work with the Law Office of William G. Causey Jr., our founder, William G. Causey Jr., will personally work on your domestic abuse case. He is a North Carolina State Bar board-certified state and federal criminal defense lawyer with experience as a prosecutor.

Mr. Causey is imminently qualified to fight on your behalf for the best outcome achievable in your misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charges. Do not waste time before you get his advice and representation. Reach us in Greensboro at 336-822-9201 or complete our online form to request a consultation with a skilled domestic violence lawyer without delay.