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Representation In License Restoration Hearings

Having a driver’s license is almost a necessity for any adult living and working here in the Piedmont Triad area. Whether your license was suspended because you received too many traffic violation citations or you failed to resolve a traffic ticket, we at Causey Law Offices understand how important it is that you get your license back.

If you come to our law firm in High Point, North Carolina, we can inform you of your legal rights and the steps you must take to get your license back and represent you in any license restoration hearings.

Do Not Try To Go Through The License Restoration Process Alone

We are all too aware of how stacked the deck is against many people who lose their licenses. You may lose your license for failure to pay a ticket because you did not know how, and you may have kept driving because you never realized your license was suspended, leaving you open to more charges.

Having an attorney like William G. Causey — who understands the process and has a deep knowledge of the law — in your corner will drastically improve your chances of successfully recovering your license.

Some people may not be eligible to get their licenses back. As your attorney, William will examine your driving record and determine if you might be eligible. He will gather the necessary evidence to prove to the state that you are not a danger to others and that you need your license to get by.

Contact our law firm at 336-822-9201 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer in the Greensboro area. We will work as hard as we can to help you get back behind the wheel, because we know what is at stake for you if we fail.