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Why North Carolina drug crime enforcement takes to the back roads

| Feb 25, 2020 | Drug charges

Think most of the attention from the drug enforcement authorities is located around the border? Think again. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says that large quantities of meth and other drugs are being moved heavily through back roads in North Carolina all the time these days. As a result, much of their enforcement efforts are now turned in that direction.

Why is North Carolina becoming a target of aggressive drug enforcement efforts? Partially, it’s because populations in areas like Charlotte are growing. With that comes an increased demand for drugs. Partially, the crackdown on opioid prescriptions has caused a lot of pain patients and prescription drug addicts to seek relief elsewhere — and they don’t care if the drugs are legal or not.

The real reason, however, may simply be North Carolina’s location. The are many out-of-the-way locations and myriad rural roads. Large drug cartels can produce ultra-pure meth in huge factories, but they still need to get it to their markets throughout the United States. North Carolina has a lot of back roads that have historically been mostly unpatrolled.

In recent years, drugs have travelled through the state on their way to Virginia, California and all over the northeast. Rural areas are also used for loading and unloading drugs, weapons and money because they’re usually private.

Many people who get involved with drug trafficking do so because the money is good and they’re desperate. They often calculate their risks and take a chance because they think that the odds of an arrest are small. Don’t fool yourself into believing, however, that the DEA hasn’t caught on to much of what’s happening.

If you’ve been charged with drug trafficking in North Carolina, get legal assistance as quickly as possible to preserve your rights.