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Have you considered having your criminal record expunged?

| Aug 3, 2020 | Criminal law

The term expungement means taking the proper steps to have your criminal record essentially wiped clean. A successful expungement offers many benefits to those who have paid the price for any mistakes they made in the past. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better odds of acquiring the job you want
  • Protection from employment termination over your criminal record
  • Improved ability to acquire a professional license or certification
  • Keeps your criminal background private in most cases
  • Potential eligibility for seeking public assistance
  • Improved chances of renting or buying a home

As you can see, expunging your criminal record could improve the quality of nearly all facets of your life. Unfortunately, some states do not allow those convicted or arrested on criminal charges to seek expungements. However, North Carolina does offer this option to many former defendants.

A court will look at your case carefully to determine your expungement eligibility. Some of the factors that may play a role in your eligibility include:

  • The length of time that has elapsed since your arrest or conviction
  • Your entire criminal history, including arrests and convictions in other states
  • The nature and severity of the charge you want expunged
  • The nature and severity of other events appearing in your record

Not all criminal events in your past may qualify for expungement. In most cases, any arrests or convictions revolving around sexual offenses typically result in denials of expungement.

Now that you understand why so many people desire expungement, you are ready to take your next steps. Because of the complicated nature of pursuing an expungement, most people seek assistance from a legal advocate. This ensures that you meet all the requirements and that you have collected the proper documentation to support your expungement petition.